Westminster Shorter Catechism 83

Westminster Shorter Catechism Question 83. Q. Are all transgressions of the law equally heinous? A. Some sins in themselves, and by reason of several aggravations, are more heinous in the sight of God than others. On its face, it seems that all sin is the same. James wrote, “if we fail in keeping one part … Continue reading Westminster Shorter Catechism 83

Westminister Shorter Catechism 82

82. Question: Is any man able perfectly to keep the commandments of God? Answer: No mere man, since the fall, is able in this life perfectly to keep the commandments of God, but doth daily break them in though, word, and deed. Meditating on the Law of God (as we have) is a humbling exercise. Reflecting … Continue reading Westminister Shorter Catechism 82