Jesus of Nazareth was Yahweh

Michael Horton discusses an aspect of Jesus that made him distinct from all the other preceding prophets. Jesus used titles of God from the Old Testament, an act which no prophet had done. To use or take the name or title of God as your own was considered a blasphemous act, a charge that came … Continue reading Jesus of Nazareth was Yahweh

The Trinity is Foundational

The Reformed faith is framed by covenantal thinking. The covenants of Scripture are what you see when you take away everything related to Reformed faith and practice. At the foundation of our doctrines is the doctrine of the Trinity. We don’t look at the Trinity as one of the doctrines that are added on or part of … Continue reading The Trinity is Foundational

God Speaks in Baptism

This past week I spent some time with friends and family at a local campsite. It was relaxing after a week at ETS. I began talking with a friend about the ministry. He’s a baptist and is very involved in his church. He’s a faithful lover of the Gospel and intentional about discipling his children … Continue reading God Speaks in Baptism

Covenants in Covenant Theology

The concept of the covenant is highly important for understanding Scripture.  It is the key to interpreting and appreciating the Scriptures. When we understand the covenants and what their purpose, design and functions are then it helps us understand what is happening in the big picture of the bible. Covenants are often compared to marriage. … Continue reading Covenants in Covenant Theology

Outside the Church There is No Salvation

The church is the primary work of the holy Trinity. The product of the work that takes place in history is the church. The church is the plan of God from eternity past. Christ is our high priest. One of the functions of being a high priest is that Christ as a mediator. Christ is … Continue reading Outside the Church There is No Salvation

Another Reformed Look at the Incarnation

In discussions against Calvinism it appears that little is remembered about the reasons for a Reformed anthropology. Part of this can also be seen in the Reformed understanding of the person and work of Jesus. Christ’s work is directly related to who he is. This Christmas we focus often on the birth of Christ and … Continue reading Another Reformed Look at the Incarnation