How to Keep the 1st Commandment: Shun Idolatry

As we reflect on the first commandment, we continue to consider how we can keep it. Last time we reflected on the exclusive worship of God. Today I want to consider the second of the three ways listed by Kevin DeYoung’s book The 10 Commandments. The second way to keep the first commandment is: shun … Continue reading How to Keep the 1st Commandment: Shun Idolatry

Calvin’s Geneva – Calvin’s Liturgy

I have written in the previous two posts about the progression in Geneva in the formulation of their worship. In this post I want to provide the basic outline of Calvin’s Liturgy in Geneva according to Eutaxia; Or the Presbyterian Liturgies Charles Washington Baird then add commentary. Prior to Calvin, Farel came through and purged … Continue reading Calvin’s Geneva – Calvin’s Liturgy

When Ministers are Like Politicians

This last week former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. was sentenced to 30 months in prison for living the high life with the campaign funds he had been given. I read this story and it intrigued me. How did a person enter a position to serve the community of citizens only to live a life of … Continue reading When Ministers are Like Politicians