Turretin: Infant Baptism Proved by Circumcision

Turretin’s third argument for infant baptism is by circumcision. He considers the similarities of circumcision and baptism and uses them as a support to the argument that baptism should be administered to children as circumcision was. The two sacraments are the same in their essence and purpose therefore the administration of both should also be … Continue reading Turretin: Infant Baptism Proved by Circumcision

“Scripture dislodged prof from infant baptism”

An article out of Baptist Press entitled "Scripture dislodged prof from infant baptism" was posted discussing how Professor John Yeo left his denomination (PCA) over the issue of paedo-baptism. In the article Professor Yeo recounts the text that helped convince him that in the New Testament baptism was for believers. The text? But this is the covenant that … Continue reading “Scripture dislodged prof from infant baptism”