Roman Catholic Garb

Recently there was a short discussion with Jason Stellman (PCA minister turned  Roman Catholic in 2011.) While discussing the issue of Reformed Ministers of Word and Sacrament wearing a Genevan gown Mr. Stellman stated: But here's where the disconnect comes in for me: What makes Catholic priestly garb make sense is not just that it's distinct … Continue reading Roman Catholic Garb

The Fathers Aren’t What They May Seem

Who were the Fathers? I was listening to a discussion on Jason Stellman (the apostate PCA minister). One of the issues he mentions in his conversation is that after he had been researching different Protestant doctrines and challenged on them, he was then "ambushed" by the Fathers. I pictured the scene from the movie Braveheart where … Continue reading The Fathers Aren’t What They May Seem