We Taste Heaven Today in the Supper

Heaven is such an amazing promise in Scripture. Heaven is when the perfect is realized. It is the consummation, after the resurrection, after the great judgment of God, when all is made right. It is the new heavens and the new earth. When the space between humanity and God is removed and we are no longer … Continue reading We Taste Heaven Today in the Supper

Examining Children for Communion

When parents want to bring their children before the Elders of the church to be interviewed, they often ask what the process involves. From the perspective of the Elders it is a joyous moment and opportunity to hear the profession of faith out of a young child’s mouth. However, I have come to learn that … Continue reading Examining Children for Communion

What We Experience in the Lord’s Supper

In John Frame's Systematic, he concludes his section on the Lord's Supper by briefly talking about the three-fold aspect that is experienced in the Supper. It's the three-fold aspect that is found in many places, not only found in Frame. That being said the three aspects of the Supper are critical. On one hand we don't … Continue reading What We Experience in the Lord’s Supper