Reformer of Basel: Johannes Oecolampadius

In the discussion of Reformed liturgies and worship there are many men that will enter the discussion. One of those that is of significance that may go overlooked is Johannes Oecolampadius (1482-1531). In another sense, his significance is also that he is arguably regarded as the spiritual father of Calvin and the entire Reformed Church. … Continue reading Reformer of Basel: Johannes Oecolampadius

Where Calvin Differs With the Fathers

Wherefore, let no one be perplexed because ancient writers labor to distinguish the one from the other. Their views ought not to be in such esteem with us as to shake the certainty of Scripture. For who would listen to Chrysostom denying that remission of sins was included in the baptism of John (Hom. in … Continue reading Where Calvin Differs With the Fathers