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What Happens When Rome Abandoned Scripture


In this video one Roman Catholic (Marc Barnes), is speaking against women receiving ordination. He is arguing against three other people in favor of women ordination. He can’t stand on Scripture and therefore he has given his opponent a foothold that is apparently growing among Romanists.

Women Ordination in Rome

Francis DeBernardo @NewWaysMinistry (Mount Rainier, MD) Executive Director of New Ways Ministry
Marc Barnes @badcatholicblog Blogger at
Sister Jeannine Gramick SL National Coordinator, The National Coalition of American Nuns
Bridget Mary Meehan (VA) Bishop in the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Women Ordained in Rome?? No But This Group Wishes…

Dr. Glomsrud asks if women are being treated rightly

Read this intro to the last Modern Reformation magazine. 

In this issue of Modern Reformation we encourage readers to ask some tough questions about the unity of our churches. We’re raising a hot-potato issue: Do women get the short end of the stick when it comes to the study of theology? (more…)

The Deaconess Discussion

In the pilgrimage of the Christian faith there will be many issues that we as a church have to discuss. One will be the manner in which we organize ourselves till we inherit our Promise Land in full. Who will be speaking for Christ? Who will serve the church? The office of Deacon is an office that has come under much discussion within the last century and still continues. Some have decided that women can serve in this office some have said no. I found some videos done by Ron Gleason, Ph. D. which I found helpful as he discusses the issue of Deaconesses from his position (he does not recognize women serving in the office as a valid interpretation of Scripture). (more…)

Modesty in Love

From Elysee Fitzpatrick’s blog
Elyse Fitzpatrick on Modesty

I live in Southern California and now that it’s summer, a familiar problem has returned. The problem is immodesty and now that the temperature is rising, the problem is becoming more and more obvious…again. But summer or not, modesty has been a topic of concern for me during my whole life. For instance, back in the days when I was in Catholic school, modesty was demanded. At any point during the day a nun could check to see if I was obeying the rules about skirt length. I had to kneel on the floor and if my skirt didn’t touch the ground, I was given demerits. (Of course, as soon as the nun turned the corner, we all hiked up our skirts again!)

Taking a cue from my parochial education, perhaps now that it is summer, I’m tempted to think that we should install immodesty checkpoints at the doors of the sanctuary. Perhaps we should make up rules about inappropriate clothing and station a deaconess or two at the doors to be sure that the rules are being enforced…better also station one ‘around the corner’ for when the young girls hike their skirts up again! (more…)