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Still Go to Church on Vacation

I have just returned from two weeks visiting family in Texas and Louisiana. It was trip that went by fast because everyday we were somewhere different. Perhaps you are familiar with these types of vacations that are more exhausting than relaxing. Everyday was a time to play “catch up” with someone. Say goodbyes and pray it wouldn’t be so long till the next time we could sit down with a cup of coffee, beer, etc. Thankfully many of us are on Facebook so we can keep in touch there.

One interesting moment for my household is when we are on vacation and our time away will include a Sunday. If we’re on vacation on the Lord’s Day do we just not go to church? Do we go to a church with different theology? How different can it be? The Lord’s Day in wife’s family was always a day to attend church even if they were on vacation. That was not the case for me when I grew up. I appreciated that my wife’s dad set that example for his children and I wanted to leave my children with that memory as well. So far, every time we have been on vacation, we have found a way to attend a service on the Lord’s Day



not-all-questions-created-equalI received a question from J. I thought I would post the answer here and then others could benefit from my response.

Here’s the question: I was reading Hebrews 4 where is says how Gods work was done and rested on the 7th day. And it encourages us to be diligent to come to that rest.

I have always been confused on the 7th day of “rest” remember it and keep it holy. Could this possibly mean continue to work until we enter the Rest meaning presence with God in heaven? Not saying that it is wrong to rest, but I have always had a hard time thinking that God wants us to rest one day a week and that being holy. Yes church meeting is a necessity but isn’t the presence of God in heave more Holy and more restful.

Am I way off or is this something worth looking more into?