Schaff: The Number of Sacraments

I was talking with a Romanist and they were trying to argue that the 7 sacraments were always the standard of the Church. Is he right? A quick look through Schaff tells otherwise. The number of sacraments was under discussion and it wasn't till over 1000 years after the Ascension that the number was determined. … Continue reading Schaff: The Number of Sacraments

Challenging Your Rome-Colored Glasses – Set Aside Your Anachronism Suppose you are reading through the writings of Gregory of Nazianzus and you hear him say that either the apostle Peter or the bishop of Rome is "entrusted with the chief rule over the people, in other words, the charge of the whole world." Would you think that he was affirming the universal jurisdiction … Continue reading Challenging Your Rome-Colored Glasses – Set Aside Your Anachronism

Pope Alexander VI [1503] – the Murdering Adulterer

Perhaps one of the greatest embarrassments to the Roman Catholic Church was Pope Alexander VI. The Pope kept his mistress in the Vatican. Now first of all there was an issue of him having the mistress. Second of all what's he doing breaking the vow of celibacy? He voted his son Cesare to the Cardinals. … Continue reading Pope Alexander VI [1503] – the Murdering Adulterer

Pope Sixtus IV – No Thanks

Often we here from the defenders of Romanist adherents about the succession of Popes that go all the way back to the apostle Peter himself. However, it doesn’t take long to look through the succession of the Papacy and find errors in this claim and discover a line of men who were anything but holy … Continue reading Pope Sixtus IV – No Thanks