Paedo-Communion Can’t Be A Reformed Position

I have been dialoging with a friend who believes that children should take Communion before they've made any profession of faith. I've tried to listen to the arguments and the reasoning from Scripture. There are a many hurdles that prevent me from embracing this doctrine. In this post I will discuss one that is not … Continue reading Paedo-Communion Can’t Be A Reformed Position

Beza on Predestination

A COMPLETE SUMMARY OF CHRISTIANITY (SUMMA TOTIUS CHRISTIANISMI) Theodore Beza Geneva, 1555 trans. William Whittingham (1575) revised by R. Scott Clark (2002). The question of God's eternal Predestination is not curious, or unprofitable, but of great importance, and very necessary in the Church of God. p. 2 THE FIRST CHAPTER. 1. In De bono perseverantiæ (On the … Continue reading Beza on Predestination