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Ministers on Trial Debates and the 43rd General Assembly of the PCA

One of the overtures brought up at this last denominational meeting (June 2015) of the PCA was seeking to change the Book of Church order to force an officer in the PCA to testify in cases involving doctrinal issues. Put simply, “Can you force a minister to affirm, deny or state plainly what he believes?”

Some were concerned that if this change was passed and a minister was forced to state what doctrines he affirms that it would/could result in witch hunts. I think this portrayal was unfortunate because it began to paint a picture where ministers were forced to stand in the dock stating and affirming their convictions in traditional marriage, the sin of homosexuality, etc. The picture painted, in my opinion, was ridiculous. The idea or image of a minister cowering to a prosecutor, in a church court not a civil court, is not realistic. It would mean that the PCA itself had left its confessional convictions and was now holding to some other confessional standard.   (more…)

2014 Book of Church Order for the PCA

Some members of the PCA are not familiar with this book. It is the book that governs churches in our denomination of the PCA. I would encourage any member of the PCA to have this and read it. Part of the beauty of the presbyterian form of government is that there is a distribution of authority. One person doesn’t run the show and therefore members of the churches are given rights and responsibilities that are outlined in the Book of Church Order (BCO).

Part of the BCO are updated annually at the denomination’s meeting in June. The BCO is free for download and distribution. Here is the download:


Action on the PCA Insider Movement Report: Mutually Assured Destruction

In this article Andrew writes on the Insider Movement as discussed at the General Assembly in South Carolina, June 2013……

The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) met in Greenville, South Carolina 17-20 June 2013 for its 41st General Assembly. Commissioners flying and driving into that growing and vibrant Southern city may have gotten more than they paid for. As a long-time observer to the GA, I can say that meetings are sometimes long-periods of boredom occasionally interrupted by moments of inconsequence. Doing things “decently and in good order” does not generally make for engaging theater.

This GA lacked nothing in the category of drama. One of the more anticipated events in the four days was the consideration of the PCA Study Committee on Insider Movements, which included both a majority report and minority report. This missiological creation referred to as the insider movement, teaches that people come to Jesus most effectively when they do not leave their families, communities, and (here is the rub) their birth religions. Translation for those who do not know “anthropology-speak”: Rather than going to Jesus outside the camp (Hebrews 13:13) in faith, and leaving behind their former way of life, including their religious practices, converts are urged to remain inside their former religious affiliations.

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