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R. Scott Clark Lecture on the Active Obedience of Christ

Active Obedience of Christ

RSC-Library1Dr. Clark gives a lecture on the active obedience of Christ. One of the problems FV and NPP folks have is the area of active obedience of Christ. This is a must listen if you are involved in the NPP discussion.

PCA Report and Mike Horton on The New Perspective on Paul and The Federal Vision

The PCA Report on the New Perspective on Paul and the Federal Vision.


Mike Horton Critique on NPP

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

New Perspective on Paul: What Is So Attractive About It?

Here are some of the subliminal values to this in the Christian Church.

1) In a post holocaust world – there has been a tremendous sociological pressure to deal with the psyche and attitude to Judaism. In a post holocaust world the NPP transforms our view of Judaism so the Church wouldn’t see it and dismiss it as a religion of works righteousness contrary to the Gospel.

2) Many of the proponents have been interested in the ecumenical movement. An idea of all sides to admit they’ve been wrong and come back together.  (more…)

New Perspective on Paul What is It?

Discussing the New Perspective on Paul is not such a short conversation. First it is still a developing “perspective” and not a formalized theology. Second those who hold to this position as they develop their own ideas eventually move away from their original position making it difficult to pin them down. This post will begin first with defining it by describing it.

What is it? – It began as a new view of 1st century Judaism. The important thing to note is that number of scholars concluded that Judaism was a religion of grace not works righteousness. Therefore, the Reformers were reading Paul wrong. The Reformers were writing that Paul said “The Judaism of my time concludes that one is made righteous by works not by grace.” So we would need to conclude that either Paul misunderstood 1st century Judaism or we misunderstood Paul. The main conclusion of some scholarship has been that the Reformers (and us) misunderstood Paul, rather than, Paul misunderstood 1st century Judaism. (more…)