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John Frame: Critique of Libertarianism


Reading through John Frame’s Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian BeliefI was reading through his section on Human Responsibility and Freedom. In this section he has a section that critiques libertarianism. He has 15 points which I think are helpful. He begins with R.K. McGregor Wright’s definition of libertarianism (No Place for Sovereignty pp 43-44) : The belief that the human will has an inherent power to choose with equal ease between alternatives. This is commonly called “the power of contrary choice” or the “liberty of indifference.” This belief does not claim that there are no influences that might affect the will, but it does insist that normally the will can overcome these factors and choose in spite of them. Ultimately, the will is free from any necessary causation. In other words, it is autonomous from outside determination.” (more…)