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The PCA on the Federal Vision: 9 Points

For those in PCA circles who have been in the sanctification, law, Gospel discussions lately this is a helpful reminder of the declarations by the study committee of the PCA on the Federal Vision. R. Scott Clark had posted the points as adopted by the URCNA on his blog here recently and I thought it would be helpful to see the points adopted by the PCA as well. //

In light of the controversy surrounding the NPP and FV, and after many months of careful study, the committee unanimously makes the following declarations:


The Federal Vision and Union with Christ

Wax SealThe question that is asked by some Federal Vision proponents is “Can Union with Christ be lost?” This was the latest to come out on a report from The Aquila Report (It can be found here). I think for the laymen this question needs to be re-stated. What type of relationship do the reprobate/elect have with Christ at baptism?  (more…)

PCA Report and Mike Horton on The New Perspective on Paul and The Federal Vision

The PCA Report on the New Perspective on Paul and the Federal Vision.


Mike Horton Critique on NPP

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3