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Sharing the Gospel After the Hockey Game

Men Smoking CigarsThis evening closes the second evening I have been at the PCAs General Assembly in South Carolina. This evening, I had the pleasure of walking downtown. Then I ¬†noticed a brother who was doing out door preaching. I walked past him and asked one of his friends what church they were with. The man told me he was with an independent baptist church. I asked him “Can I ask you a quick question?” and he replied “Of course.” “Why don’t you baptize your children?” It ended up with me and three other baptists discussing paedobaptism. I was outnumbered three to one and I all I had was the word of God (haha). I started off simply asking him “Are you a child of Abraham?” From there the conversation continued. It was about 20 minutes, cordial and we laughed. Eventually one of the men agreed he had no good reason to deny his children baptism. The other walked away and the last one stood there with no response. (more…)

God’s Extended Hand

I had an opportunity to preach today at God’s Extended Hand. It’s a ministry that feeds the poor but before receiving their free meal, they must listen to someone give a 30 minute bible study. Lucky them, today they had me.

One of the challenges I found was trying contextualize the text with their lives. I learned how important it was to know your audience, because these guys were obviously not struggling with the same issues that others were. But then I found one thing we all had in common. The one thing that could be preached to the man in the penthouse and to the man on the street. The thing we have in common is that we’ve all sinned. We’ve all lied and it isn’t only the homeless person who has stolen. It isn’t only the white collar man who has stolen. That’s because it is who we are. We are not thieves because we steal. We steal because we are thieves and lie because we are liars. It is our nature. It is who we are.

thanks for reading.