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Creation View In the PCA

In 2000 the Presbyterian Church in America’s (PCA) study committee submitted a report to the General Assembly.¬†The PCA creation report is found here. It is a pretty lengthy report (over 100 pages when copied and pasted into Word) but a summary report is available here.

When people question¬†me about my views on Creation I’m not shy about discussing it. It’s been something I have thought about for a long time. I also think it’s fair to say I understand the other views pretty well. I’m aware of the “problems” of some other views but am also aware of some of the issues with my own view. Yet I still think it is the view that allows the most consistent reading of Scripture as a whole and not limited to the texts of Genesis chapters 1-3. (more…)

Taking Genesis Literal

Short Version of Literal

Talking with a friend who holds to a 6-24 hour day view of Genesis 1 and 2, he kept referring to his view as “literal”. I would politely interject with “Well, I hold to a literal reading of the text as well.” To this he would understand my friendly rebuke and continue the discussion understanding what I had meant.

Taking the creation accounts literal is important because the reader of the text doesn’t have the freedom that they would want and after a certain point they have taken an account and symbolized it, mystified it, or allegorized it making it to the same level as existential subjective writings where the reader is the one who determines the meaning. Of course again, if God is the author of Scripture, He is the one who determines the meaning and the receiver will receive it. In fact it is God the Holy Spirit who even illumines the text to the reader. Without which, one would find themselves lost in heresies such as Sabellianism (Modalism), Docetism, Arianism or a list of hundreds of more. (more…)

The Age of the Earth and the Flood

In a recent discussion with a friend I had an opportunity to dialog on a particular issue which to some Christians may seem odd but to others not to big of a deal. The main points of the discussion were centered around the creation days in the bible and the second one was the flood of Noah being global or universal (not global but killing all men).

As we look at the issues we must come with some presuppositions and it helps to identify them and recognize the ones that are helpful or those which can be a hindrance. I hold that Scripture is the word of God. It is inerrant and infallible in the original text. This is key. Scripture is inerrant. Meaning it is without error. What is not inerrant is my interpretation of the inerrant Scripture.

The second thing is that if God “wrote” the bible and He exists, then He has made the world. Though this seems an obvious point it is critical because what it establishes is that the two records we have (the Bible and the created order) come from the same person. That person being God. If this second point is true then there can be no contradiction in what creation says and what the Scripture says.

However, what can be flawed is my “interpretation” of either the data found in creation or the Bible. But they in of themselves are not in “error” of what they say.

My view is that
1. The creation days in Genesis are not 6-24 hour days. But they are long periods of time. The earth and universe are billions of years old and not six thousand as a “young earth creationist” would argue.

2. The flood of Noah was not a global flood but it is an account of the event from the perspective of Noah.

In my understanding this is a literal interpretation of the accounts literal. And I hope to explain this in coming posts.