Continuity Preserves the Gospel

The Covenant of Grace begins in its seminal form in Genesis 3:15 but is revealed more fully in the Abrahamic Covenant. Studying the Abrahamic Covenant continues to show its relevance and importance throughout Scripture because it touches on everything from worship, sacraments, election, atonement, and much more. The key aspect I want to focus on … Continue reading Continuity Preserves the Gospel

Covenants in Covenant Theology

The concept of the covenant is highly important for understanding Scripture.  It is the key to interpreting and appreciating the Scriptures. When we understand the covenants and what their purpose, design and functions are then it helps us understand what is happening in the big picture of the bible. Covenants are often compared to marriage. … Continue reading Covenants in Covenant Theology

Grace Before Time: Covenant of Redemption Chapter 1

Brown and Keele have written a survey of covenant theology entitled Sacred Bond. It's very readable, unlike other intros to covenant theology this one is aimed at those who don't understand covenant theology but want a deeper explanation that doesn't become bogged down in academia. Chapter one discusses the covenant of redemption. The beginning of … Continue reading Grace Before Time: Covenant of Redemption Chapter 1

Richard Lint – A Confessing Theology for Postmodern Times

Reading A Confessing Theology for Postmodern Times Theologians do not need simply to build bridges with churches: They need to be consumed with the church, fallen and frail as it is. Theologians need to see ecclesiology as the context for their endeavors. They must think of their mandate as arising from the church - not … Continue reading Richard Lint – A Confessing Theology for Postmodern Times

Covenant of Grace

Reading John Murray's "The Covenant of Grace", Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, Phillispburg,  New Jersey Francis Turretine defines the Covenant of Grace as: "A gratuitous pact between God offended and man the offender, entered into in Christ, in which God promises to man freely on account of Christ remission of sins and salvation, and man … Continue reading Covenant of Grace

Covenant of Works

What is the covenant of works? This doctrine is probably one of the more crucial doctrines in Reformed Theology that is also one of the more over looked doctrines of covenant theology. Generally people are quick to embrace the soteriology of reformed theology however, this is probably the more fundamental doctrine of Reformed Theology that … Continue reading Covenant of Works