Celebrate The Victory of Christ on Halloween

Collin Garbarino wrote an article for reformation21.org on the subject of Halloween. In the article he argues that the history of Halloween is Christian rather than pagan/Celtic. Rooted in the memorialization of the martyrs and celebrating the victory over death by Jesus. His article has some helpful points but some areas that I would take … Continue reading Celebrate The Victory of Christ on Halloween

Examining Children for Communion

When parents want to bring their children before the Elders of the church to be interviewed, they often ask what the process involves. From the perspective of the Elders it is a joyous moment and opportunity to hear the profession of faith out of a young child’s mouth. However, I have come to learn that … Continue reading Examining Children for Communion

When You Disagree With the Church

There is a saying I once heard RC Sproul say “If you find the perfect church, leave because you’ll ruin it.” The obvious implication was that there are no perfect churches. I don’t believe I ever met anyone (minister, member, child, visitor) who didn’t have something about their church they didn’t like. I think some … Continue reading When You Disagree With the Church