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Council of Constantinople A.D. 754

The council of Constantinople held in 754 was a significant council. It considered itself to be ecumenical

“The holy and Ecumenical synod, which by the grace of God and most pious command of the God-beloved and orthodox Emperors, Constantine and Leo, [531] now assembled in the imperial residence city, in the temple of the holy and inviolate Mother of God and Virgin Mary, surnamed in Blachernae, have decreed as follows….” (Percival, Henry R (2013-06-23). The Seven Ecumenical Councils (p. 681). Veritatis Splendor Publications. Kindle Edition.) (more…)

Nicaea I 325: Arius

Reading Through Western Eyes by Robert Letham and he begins a survey of the councils. Beginning with one famously known as the first ecumenical council it was called by the Emperor Constantine as a result of the disruption of harmony in the empire. The prebyter Arius (Kelly, Early Christian Doctrines, 223-51) had been claiming that Christ, the Son of God was created. Arius’ teachings are still around today in the form of Jehova’s Witnesses therefore this isn’t a claim that has disappeared.


An Inconvenient Conciliar Truth – Part 12

An Inconvenient Conciliar Truth – Part 12.

TurretinFan writes a great article showing how a council had condemned idols in worship prior to the council that approved.