The Vocation of Minister

The vocation of the minister in Reformed churches is a vocation that is considered of crucial importance. That is why Reformed ministers must go through such a rigorous process to be licensed and ordained. That is why a Master of Divinity from Reformed seminaries is such a rigorous degree that includes numerous classes in Hebrew, … Continue reading The Vocation of Minister

Calvin’s Pattern of Excellence in the Ministry

John Calvin was not the only person involved in Geneva during the time of the Reformation. Recall the timeline of the relationship between Calvin and Geneva. Calvin begins his work, for the first time, in Geneva in 1536. It was the guilt trip from William Farel that secured Calvin initially in Geneva. Farel in his … Continue reading Calvin’s Pattern of Excellence in the Ministry

The Work Ethic of John Calvin

  I have been teaching a class on Reformed worship and the formulations of Presbyterian liturgies. This class will have to have the story of Calvin and Geneva to make sense of how some of these liturgies were made. A source on the life of John Calvin I found helpful and well-written is John Calvin: Pilgrim … Continue reading The Work Ethic of John Calvin

Calvin’s Geneva – Calvin’s Liturgy

I have written in the previous two posts about the progression in Geneva in the formulation of their worship. In this post I want to provide the basic outline of Calvin’s Liturgy in Geneva according to Eutaxia; Or the Presbyterian Liturgies Charles Washington Baird then add commentary. Prior to Calvin, Farel came through and purged … Continue reading Calvin’s Geneva – Calvin’s Liturgy

Calvin’s Geneva – Calvin’s Thought to the Liturgy and the Order of Worship

In the last post I wrote about that prior to Calvin in Geneva there was William Farel. Farel was instrumental in cleansing Geneva from all the remaining superstitious traditions of Rome but he wasn’t equipped to be the person to replace their forms of worship. Calvin, however, was equipped and in a very methodical and … Continue reading Calvin’s Geneva – Calvin’s Thought to the Liturgy and the Order of Worship

Calvin and the Church of Geneva

Liturgy and worship is something that always draws controversy. Bring up the discussion of liturgy and worship with two people and you will have two opinions. Include in that discussion a congregation and the conversation just became unmanageable. Sometimes members of a Reformed church will simply claim “RPW”, as if that settles the discussion. The … Continue reading Calvin and the Church of Geneva