Returning from Baptism

This engraving was by the well-known French Protestant artist Abraham Bosse (1604-1676). This engraving is interesting because it gives a view into the practice of baptism in Geneva during the Reformation. It was common practice, among both Catholics and Protestants, for mothers not to attend the baptism of their children since they were recovering from … Continue reading Returning from Baptism

God Speaks in Baptism

This past week I spent some time with friends and family at a local campsite. It was relaxing after a week at ETS. I began talking with a friend about the ministry. He’s a baptist and is very involved in his church. He’s a faithful lover of the Gospel and intentional about discipling his children … Continue reading God Speaks in Baptism

The Council of Miletus, Baptism, and Confirmation

During the Reformation, among many discussion was the essence and efficacy of the sacraments. Calvin's polemics against this would focus on the necessity of repeated infusion of grace - ex opere operato - in all sacraments. Calvin writing against confirmation: Have not we then been buried in baptism with Christ, made partakers in his death, that we … Continue reading The Council of Miletus, Baptism, and Confirmation

Calvin’s Baptismal Service from Genevan Book of Order

Order of Baptism First note, that forasmuch as it is not permitted by God's word, that women should preach or minister the sacraments; and it is evident that the sacraments are not ordained of God to be used in private corners as charms or sorceries, but left to the congregation, and necessarily annexed to God's … Continue reading Calvin’s Baptismal Service from Genevan Book of Order