Calvin and sola fide

In the book Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral Ministry, W. Robert Godfrey writes a chapter entitled “Faith Formed by Love or Faith Alone”. Where he responds to those who are critical of the doctrine of justification by faith alone by examining the medieval definition of faith, Calvin’s definition of faith alone and examining the Apostle Paul. … Continue reading Calvin and sola fide

The Necessity of Penal Substitutionary Atonement

Is the doctrine of penal substitutionary atonement a necessary conclusion of Scripture? Does the reading of the Old Testament and the interpretation given by the New Testament bring us to this conclusion? And how does this doctrine to be understood theologically? At the ETS in 2018, William Lane Craig gave a lecture in defense of … Continue reading The Necessity of Penal Substitutionary Atonement

The Date of Canon

In the fifth and final chapter of Kruger’s book The Question of Canon he considers some of the vulnerabilities in what he regards as the most prominent tenet of the extrinsic model of canon. Few issues will raise as much discussion as dating the New Testament canon. When did the New Testament writings first begin … Continue reading The Date of Canon