Ten Benefits of Corporate Worship for Our Children

In the December issue, Banner of Truth magazine published an article by Rev. Matt Purdy (PCA) entitled Ten Benefits of Corporate Worship for Our Children. As a pastor he raises some helpful reminders to parents and visitors why children in worship is beneficial to the life of the church.

  1. Singing – Our children love to sing. This is also one of the reasons why the musicians have composed a set of hymns. Each week they will select one hymn from this set to help us grow in love and appreciation for those hymns most cherished by the church.
  2. Prayer – Children will learn to pray by watching us pray. This is also one of the reasons prayers are written in the liturgy, helping all of us grow in prayer. Children join their voices with the congregation in reciting from memory the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles’ Creed, and if they can read, the corporate confession of sin.
  3. Reading – Paul tells Timothy to devote himself to the public reading of Scripture. (1 Tim 4:13) Children love having their own Bible and following along in the service. Their own Bible can also be a way a child grows to love God’s word. Many times, people have shown me a Bible they had as a child and it warmed my heart to think how God used it.
  4. Preaching – Preaching is not just for the adults but the children. The preaching of the word is the high point of the means of grace. Recall how WLC 155 says, “The Spirit of God makes the reading, but especially the preaching of the word an effectual means of enlightening, convincing and humbling sinners…”
  5. Sacraments – Receiving baptism is a blessing but it’s also a blessing to witness. Seeing the ordinance God has given his people out of the love he has for us is a great encouragement. The Lord’s Supper is also an encouragement. Children who desire to come to the Lord’s Table desire a good thing. When they say “What does this mean?” (Ex 13:14) Parents are to encourage them as we use it to teach them how God has loved them.
  6. Habit – We are creatures of habit. If we can instill in our children, “This is what we do because this is who we are.” God says it will be a blessing to them all their lives.
  7. Inclusion – Children are blessed to know they belong to a community. How often children ask, “Can I help?” Let them help and participate in the life of church (Communion prep, hand out liturgies, pick up cups, etc). They trust Christ and profess him but also participate with the saints in life and worship.
  8. Learning – They are learning about God and how to worship God. Children are observant. They see what is happening and it shapes who they will become.
  9. Modeling – Children model for the adults love for Jesus and faith in God. We help them but they help us as we see God’s faithfulness to the next generation.
  10. The Special Presence of God – In Mat. 18:20 Jesus promises to be with his people. He is present to bless us and we should want that for our children. He is here every week morning and evening let us bring them to the font of blessing.

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