A Pastor’s Vacation

sundown-family-1553623This past week I took a vacation. But it wasn’t a vacation where I loaded up the family and drove across the country. I didn’t plan a get away to some remote place. I simply stayed home and got in as much dad and husband time as I could.

One of the lessons a pastor will soon learn is that everyone wants your time. People have logistic questions about the church, people have strategy questions about the church, someone wants to grab coffee, someone wants to hang out and talk about life, someone is in the hospital, someone is having a baby, someone needs help with understanding something in Scripture, someone needs you to speak to their friend.

Then there is your family. Your children want to play with you. They want to watch movies with you. You need to catechize the kids and your behind on Bible reading. Your wife wants to spend time with you. She needs help at home. The cars need to be taken for an oil change. The grass needs to be cut. The shelf needs to be fixed. Your parents want to talk to you and not just text. Your siblings haven’t heard from you in months.

Then there is you. You need to read your Bible, you need to do something active or you’ll weigh 300 lbs by the end of the year, you need to study for a sermon, you need to prepare a lesson, you need to pray, you need you to plan a meeting, you need to write a blog, you need to prepare for Bible study. Yet none of these things, not one of them do you want to say no to. All of these are things you enjoy doing. There is great joy in being a dad, husband, son, brother, and pastor but they all come with demands.

It’s hard to say “Not right now” but sometimes you have to. Sometimes you have to just work harder and later. Sometimes you have to turn the computer off. Sometimes you have to put the book down. It’s easier said than done, I understand. But if you don’t you’ll go crazy. Time is a creation from God. And it shouldn’t be our master. When we learn to manage our time wisely we are being good stewards of what God has given us. Time. Therefore, for my vacation, I stayed home to put time into home. And it was refreshing and recharging.

One thought on “A Pastor’s Vacation

  1. Yep..relate though I’m not a husband or father..life demands between family, work church and friends..seems like there’s not enough time in the day sometimes..I’m looking forward to Christmas break so on part of it I can do what you mentioned, stay home and catch up! Its a challenge to say “no” at times and not filling up the calendar. And I don’t do social media or have cable..other time stealers.

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