Mark Jones on Images of Jesus – We Live By Faith Not Sight

Mark Jones writes for It’s a blog site that, honestly, I read because Carl Trueman & Scott Oliphint contribute. That said, it isn’t a place that I frequently visit. But today I ran across this article on images of Jesus. I honestly never thought when I first came to the PCA as an ordained minister that this would be a debated issue. In this article, Mark appeals to the fact that we will see Christ one day with our eyes. For now, we live by faith and therefore we see Christ by faith. He also appeals to the fact of the beatific vision being a basis for any image, not just falling short, but being totally inadequate to capture a true sense of the risen Christ. You can read the article in its entirety here.

One thought on “Mark Jones on Images of Jesus – We Live By Faith Not Sight

  1. I think we like to create God/ Jesus in ourown image and pictures just are a tangible evidence of this. Since we were not there we dont know what he looked like..that is why it is important to read the scriptures and go by them. Funny how they dont think of the one scripture in Isaiah 53:2-3 where it says he had no beauty or majesty that we would be attracted to him..I’m thankful I get to know God by His word and not by what He looks like..

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