New Archbishop of Canterbury

New archbishop of Canterbury is former oil exec who faces global challenges

The Anglican Church is always an interesting church to dialog with. Now they will have a new archbishop come March 2013 when Rowan Williams steps down. The short on the new archbishop is below.

1) yes on the ordination of women bishops

2) no on same-sex marriage

Welby faces the challenge of holding together an increasingly fractured Communion as it wrestles with the issues of homosexuality and women bishops, as well as tensions between the shrinking Western provinces of the Anglican Communion,

It seems like the evangelical church in the United States isn’t the only place where the common “religious preference” is no affiliation ( However what is the solution? It seems more than likely that the Anglican church will vote to ordain women as bishops. However I don’t anticipate seeing any exegetical reasons.

I don’t know how much experience a bishop should have before being “promoted” to archbishop of the 77 million Anglican communion, but I’m guessing they’d look for more than 1 year. Apparently, that doesn’t matter. Welby, (a former oil executive) has his eye on the ball though. He is focussed on the issues (in his opinion).

this is a new person who brings something different to the table.

Rather than bringing something “new” to the table. Maybe what the Anglican communion needs is to bring the same thing to the table? Christ crucified, the Word and his Sacraments. Maybe the problem isn’t the global weather problems but rather the problem is that the people are loosing sight of the redemptive works of Jesus. Let the church focus its efforts on this task. To remind the people of the work and person of Jesus. When we have that done, then maybe we can look at how the Church can solve the oil crisis.