New Perspective on Paul: What Is So Attractive About It?

Here are some of the subliminal values to this in the Christian Church.

1) In a post holocaust world – there has been a tremendous sociological pressure to deal with the psyche and attitude to Judaism. In a post holocaust world the NPP transforms our view of Judaism so the Church wouldn’t see it and dismiss it as a religion of works righteousness contrary to the Gospel.

2) Many of the proponents have been interested in the ecumenical movement. An idea of all sides to admit they’ve been wrong and come back together. 

3) In a deeply subjectivistic evangelical world that has tended to read to Old Testament and New Testament as contrary to one another. Against this background, the notion that this antithesis doesn’t lie within Judaism provides a great point of emotional release.

4) Evangelicalism in it’s own way has become immersed in the subjectivism of the Enlightenment. The subjectivism of the focus on the self. The evangelical church is overly obsessed with the self. With how we are doing, who we are and what impact we are making on the community. One of the things that this group has found appealing is the objectivity of the Gospel that accompanies the NPP and the objectivity of the means of grace. We are no longer burdened to take our own spiritual temperature but alas the burden has been lifted off our shoulders. There is seen a historical continuity in the Scriptures where one is saved not by their faithfulness but by the faithfulness of Jesus.

5) The NPP is seen as a liberation against the society we live in but also the Church. With a massive focus on the individual to a flaw where there is a despising of the community it is a relief to focus on the corporate covenant community. The question of boundary markers has emphasized the importance of the community over the importance of the individual.

notes from lecture by Sinclair Ferguson on NPP