How do you prepare to die?

By believing in Christ and what he did one afternoon 2000 years ago we prepare to die today. There is a history of fanatical protestantism is basically gnostic. It contrasts everything internal with everything external. That is so say that an experience that happens inside of you is more important that an external word of sacrament that happens outside of you.

When you ask the Christians today what do you think when the bible says being baptized for the forgiveness of your sins. When Paul says this cup we bless is a pariticpation in the blood of Christ. There’s a nervousness to try to explain away this by saying “well you don’t experience the forgiveness of God.” This will push us from Christ available to us today throught the physical means of water bread and word. It’s coming to a point where we will say it’s not that he rose from the dead but that he lives in my heart.

“Yesterday’s pious pietist became the next day’s protestant liberals.” – Mike Horton

“God will not ask you who what experience you had, great faith but WHO DO YOU SAY THE SON IS?” – Mike Horton