Mike Horton talks about the Indicative and Imperative teachings

Tullian Tchividjian has a blog post on the Gospel Coalition website. In that website he interacts with Mike Horton on trying to flush out what it means for the Gospel to change to life of the believer. Do we now fall into Antinomianism where we can do whatever we wish? Or is Legalism on the other side of the banks of the River Christian Life? Horton tries to talk about how the balance is to recognize that we are a new creation in Christ however we still need very much to pay attention to those wisdom bits given to us in Holy Scripture.

The key is that these are not things we do to negate the wrath of God on us because that has already been done by Christ. We do these things because it pleases God and that is how we please the King who has given so much to save His elect. In service to the King he tells us how to please him and when we fail He reminds of the Gospel. The Gospel that tells us how we have been remade and made alive in Christ, therefore we are able to do these things by the power of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps when we fail to obey the ordinances of God we should be drawn to God as if to say “Can you help me do this?”

The other part is recognizing that God has given us wisdom in the bible and this wisdom is key not for the gospel but for how we can live. We can take these wisdom pieces and use them knowing they came from the God who designed the whole world system and knows how it works.

<the blog post has apparently been removed as of Nov 13, 2015>