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Creation View In the PCA

In 2000 the Presbyterian Church in America’s (PCA) study committee submitted a report to the General Assembly. The PCA creation report is found here. It is a pretty lengthy report (over 100 pages when copied and pasted into Word) but a summary report is available here.

When people question me about my views on Creation I’m not shy about discussing it. It’s been something I have thought about for a long time. I also think it’s fair to say I understand the other views pretty well. I’m aware of the “problems” of some other views but am also aware of some of the issues with my own view. Yet I still think it is the view that allows the most consistent reading of Scripture as a whole and not limited to the texts of Genesis chapters 1-3.

That being said, while I cannot be militant in my view, there are foundational issues of the discussion that we should hold with no compromise. The inerrancy of Scripture, an historical Adam who was the federal representative for all humanity, and the curse that was brought upon the world was a result of the sin of Adam. These seem (to me) to be so foundational for the whole system of Christian thought, that if one were removed it could have significant ramifications (at a minimum) in our understanding of Scripture, life, the work of Christ, eschatology, science, the doctrine of God, and salvation.

How I discuss the subject of Creation with others who don’t agree with me is important. Not everyone holds the same position that I do, that much is clear. And there are a number of people on the other side of the issue that I respect tremendously. Therefore I don’t dismiss their arguments without careful listening and understanding, refuse to hear them, or think less of them.  If anything, knowing that persons that I respect so much have a different understanding than me, has made me question my own view even more. It has made me ask myself “Am I correct here? Have I misunderstood something?” This too is healthy. We should have a respectable discussion on this matter so that we can carefully consider the other’s views. It also helps to advance the overall discussion as we talk about it.

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