When We Fail in Teaching Theology

A response I gave to a confused Oneness Pentecostal that has been trying to defend his position of Modalism and now tries to defend what he believes he needed was an experience.

JWFREGIA writes:

You are absolutely right. It was a horrible life growing up in a “trinitarian” baptist “church” and feeling the call of GOD on my life and a hunger and a thirst of GOD’s righteousness that no one could guide because no one has experienced it. But I found grace in GOD’s eyes and HE led me to a group of people that still believed “trinitarian” but believed that I could receive the Holy Ghost. And these were the Assembly of God church. After receiving the Holy Ghost like the bible says and not some profane group of people says I was much appreciative for that experience. Something was calling me higher, not to stay in that little city. After the revelation of the Mighty GOD in Christ I am content. Content not satisfied!

You speak as a foolish person. “Every Sunday mustering up the energy to “make yourself” feel something, rather than resting and being quiet while God ministers to you through the pure preaching of the Gospel.” Unlike you, being satisfied just with a Sunday visit. When the GOD of Heaven touched my life Sunday visit wasn’t good enough anymore. I need him 24/7 not just Sundays. While I was in the denominal churches I found that it was nothing more and a country club. A gathering of people to justify themselves and to soothe their conscience and make them feel like that they are a good person. Instead of being measured against the shekel of the sanctuary. This is why the “conversion experience” so needful.
How does one become a Christian?
Where did Christianity start?
Who are Christians.

How confused is this man? According to his words, the Modalist god led him through trinitarian churches. At one trinitarian church (a church which would reject Modalism as being heretical) he claims he received the “Holy Ghost”. These types of stories become stretched out even further and if you can receive the “Holy Ghost” in a church that is considered non-christian as he claims. Then why go to church? Is this even possible? No. Outside the church there is no salvation. Thus while this brand of heretics have their theology that is like chaff being blown in the wind, it isn’t totally their fault. Notice he did start at a Baptist church then moved to an Assemblies of God church. While I have my disagreements with both of these denominations, where they failed him was in proper catechism of Holy Doctrine. This is precisely why any quick reading of their theology is found to be shallow and lacking. They are full of emotion and “experience” but their worship is not rooted in the “drama” of the Redemptive Story of Salvation. Instead they conjure up emotions and feelings every week and demonstrate how close to god they are by the level of their spiritual exercise. “look at me I speak in tongues!” “look at me I’m dancing and looking like a fool!” “look at me I’m shouting!” Instead of the Lord’s Day being about Christ, the day becomes about them. We must strengthen the saints and build them in their faith, because bad theology only leads to bad worship.

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  1. I may very well come to that conclusion but if I do it will be buaecse of what I find in Scripture.I am finding that it is the word subordinate that I’m having the most problem with.Eternal submission? Not so much, if you see submission as being voluntary.I do see a hierarchy, which I know flies in the face of our modern human reasoning that demands that hierarchy come with inequity.God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and if we find in Scripture that the Son was/is/will be submissive to the Father, then I still need to see the point in Scripture where that ends.

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