Circumcision Protests Make a Pro Life Argument

I this article groups in the San Francisco area are trying to put a ban on circumcision on the ballot for the November elections. The main argument used is that this is a form of “genital mutilation” on a child who has no say in the matter. It’s irreversible and according to the activists in support of banning circumcision it has medical side effects that are long lasting.

As would be assumed the Jewish faithful have come out in force, arguing for the right to continue this 3,000 year old tradition that is their sign of their covenant with God. Muslim groups have joined sides with Jewish groups as circumcision is also a significant part of their faith.

Here lies the rub: male children are circumcised at 8 days old or at birth. The argument against circumcision is that the child doesn’t have a choice in the matter. I would argue that this could also the argument for why just a few weeks prior it would be improper to “kill” (abort) the baby. The baby doesn’t have a choice in the area of abortion and this is frankly the penultimate form of human rights abuse.