Maybe They Really Don’t Get It (via Heidelblog)

Justification has been for some, an area of debate as people considered “How are we made right with God?” Is it over time? Do I contribute to my justification? Or is once and forever? The Reformed faith has claimed that Justification and Sanctification need to always be distinct. This helps in our understanding of Salvation and Assurance.

Maybe They Really Don't Get It Over the years of battling the moralists (Federal Visionists, Norman Shepherd et al) I’ve not always been certain whether the moralists understand the orthodox doctrine of justification and reject it or if they think they’re really teaching it.  Here’s a post from one of them that gives evidence that they really don’t understand what the Westminster Divines and the Protestant Reformers before them were trying to do. For a 1000 years the medieval … Read More

via Heidelblog