Pope Sixtus IV – No Thanks

Often we here from the defenders of Romanist adherents about the succession of Popes that go all the way back to the apostle Peter himself. However, it doesn’t take long to look through the succession of the Papacy and find errors in this claim and discover a line of men who were anything but holy men of God.

The Pope is to be the mouth piece of God on the earth. He is the body of Christ and the head of the church. However, the problem with this claim is that there simply isn’t a consistent example of Popes who could hold up to an amazingly impossible standard of being Jesus on earth.

The first I would mention isPope Sixtus IV. He started out by raising funds for the massive building campaigns the best he could by perhaps being more creative than any other Pope. Pope Sixtus IV extended plenary indulgences to the dead! Usually these were awarded to those who were living so that they could avoid extra time in Purgatory. After all if the idea is that when you die you will have to spend a couple hundred thousand years in the flames of Purgatory would you drop some coin to avoid this? Well Sixtus thought he would be creative and do something no other Pope had ever done and extend this offer to dead people. Thus their relatives could extend their hand in this world and help them out in the other world (assuming they hadn’t already sprung from Purgatory).

We do enjoy some of his works granted, however knowing that beauty was created on the back of ignorant peasants it is nothing short of nauseating. Pope Sixtus IV get’s a grade of F in my book.