Clifton LeJeune Confuses Law with Gospel

If you are short on time fast forward to the time marked 9:45. That’s really where Clifton LeJeune starts his part of this video. The other 2 aren’t of concern because at the head of this whole “project” is Clifton LeJeune. Listen to him and notice the point of what he has said “Love God”. If you love God you will DO his law.

There are two problems with this message and the first is ontological and the second is biblical. What is meant by ontological is that the problem is with me. The problem is with man. The problem with man loving God isn’t that they don’t know it’s their duty. The problem is that they ARE UNABLE to. The natural man is not equipped to love God. God enables us to love him and thus we are able to obey his laws.

This can even be misunderstood as if that were what Christianity was all about. This isn’t the Gospel. And here is where LeJeune misses the entire point. The central message of Christianity isn’t “Do”. It is “Believe”. Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved. There is nothing to “do” to be saved, we believe. LeJeune is not preaching the gospel he is preaching Law.

This leads to the second point. The sum of the Law is love. Yes, the law says to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind (OT says might). But that is law. Unfortunately, there is no relief here. For those who listen to LeJeune preach they may feel excited by his energy, however they will soon face the cruel reality that they are in fact 1. Unable to do this. 2. There is no freedom in this message.

The freedom of the gospel is because Christ has died for your sins, and he has regenerated you, you are able to obey. If you are not a Christian this is not even a possibility for you. Your first problem isn’t you need to shape your life up. Your first problem is you need to trust in the one who has done the work for you. That is what happens when we trust in Jesus is understanding his life was a life where he earned God’s favor. Now we can rest in Jesus because of his faithfulness not ours.

This is another example of a preacher who has confused the Law with the Gospel.

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