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Does James White Understand What It Means to be "Reformed"?

>Sometimes I will tour the Christian Chat rooms on the web to see what the latest is. Any news coming our way, new books, etc. I hopped into the chat room of James White. And once again someone demonstrates a lack of understanding on the terms of Reformed Theology. What does it mean to be Reformed? Well, if you ask James White it means you’re a Calvinist. This is an already weak and irresponsible use of the word. He said in his chat room that while he was in Brazil he had people coming up to him telling them how they used to be an Arminian but now they were Reformed. He didn’t put this in quotes, and he didn’t try to correct them or say “But what they mean was they are now understanding the doctrines of grace as a Calvinist”. I even asked him, “Does Reformed = Calvinist?” and he didn’t answer. In fairness, I’m sure he’s busy (at least that’s an excuse I hear) and he could have had anything happen with 2 seconds of his last comment not allowing him to see my question. But I would argue he knew he had misspoken and didn’t want to admit it or he didn’t know how to answer the question.
So I would have to say, if you are looking for a good source to learn about Reformed Theology do not go to James White. His strength is in other things but not here. Which seems unfortunate because he’s supposed to be an elder at a church, so I don’t know if this is indicative of him or them.

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