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Gnosticism: Same Hat New Head

Gnosticism is ultimately dualism. This is often what the quick description can be as people speak of Gnosticism. However, Gnosticism is better understood to be dualism with a background of Monism. Monism the idea communicates that all is one essence. Ultimately there is no distinction between God nor Creation. All is One and One is all. It is very pantheistic in its essence and this is ulitmately what is coming on the horizon. Some have cast Gnosticism off as an ancient, mythical superstitious cult that died out long ago. However nothing could be further from the truth.

Gnosticism is beyond having a special knowledge that would lead to a salvific redemption. It also brings about a sharp contrast between the Biblical portrayal of God. While Gnosticism seeks to be delevered from the flesh and the creation. In the same breath Gnosticism is seen calling the God of the bible foolish. The concept of God inhabiting the flesh is of no interest to the Gnostics.

While the Gnostics seek to be delivered from the Creator and His work. In Christianity the God of the bible comes to redeem Creation and Man. The body in Christianity is special and not a filthy oppression in which man is trapped. It is however, a reminder of our blessed hope. Our bodies are not meant to degrade over time. They were never suppose to be feeling the effects of the Fall nor to be subject to death. Instead man who is created to live forever with the Sovereign Lord awaits anxiously for the day of their redemption.

Gnosticism however will present terms or phrases that would seem Orthodox. It may even present terms or ideas that seem utterly odd. However the reason it can even make these statements is that it is operating on a different level. Statements that would encourage the individual to leave the distinctions of creation and move towards their own divinization. Sexuality should be removed from the discussion. Women become like men and men then all become god-like. This is a simple reversal of the created order where God in the beginning made man and then from his side he creates woman.

Gnosticism is ultimately knocking on the door all around the church. It disguises itself in so many forms not on purpose. But because it is so influential and fluid. It looks innocent as Astrology or political movements but the ideas behind it can be very much influenced by those gnostic ancestors. In the end that which seems new, is really an old hat on a different head.

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