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Mormonism is Oneism

Just had a conversation with 2 Mormon missionaries. It isn’t the first time I’ve spoken with Mormons. I actually enjoy it. They probably enjoy not being derided and made fun of, or having doors slammed in their face. Previously I had begun discussion with either evidential tactics, perhaps trying to point out certain parts of the Book of Mormon that disagreed blatantly with the Bible. But this time around I thought it would be interesting to test a different tactic. 

Recently I’ve come across the concept of the significance of proper Cosmology when discussing religion. Even before discussing evidences, major self-contradictions, or philosophical differences. The idea of how everything began and who was there when it happened turns out to be a very powerful tool in the realm of discussing world views. Intuitively, Mormons would agree that God was there in the beginning. Alone. Nothing else. Then there was everything. Call that everything heaven, the universe, earth, what have you. But the interesting thing as that they have recognized that initially there is a divide that cannot be crossed. A built-in chasm that is not even possible to be connected. There is God and there is everything else. At first glance most people may even think “Ok. Got it. What’s the big deal?” The big deal becomes more evident when we carry out the history of all creation with how Mormon theology says the future will be.

Mormons maintain that one day the “faithful” will become Gods themselves. Ruling their own worlds and own universes. In fact. God today as we understand Him was once a man. He worked and was faithful and just and then he achieved the highest honor…he was deified. He became God. However, now that this chasm has been crossed it goes to show that the chasm or divide never was. This is not a “Two-istic” world view after all but a world view of “One-ism” or more popularly called Monism.

This is to say that all creation is in effect part Deity and thus that is the only way that a created being can become an intrinsic Creator.

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