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Did God Create Evil?

There are those who have used many arguments against the existence of God. The first one used in conversation is the Problem of Evil. There so many aspects to this that it makes it hard to do the problem justice. The problem however isn’t just for those who believe in God. It doesn’t go away because someone denies or doubts the existence of God. To the person who denies the existence of God the problem is still before them.

One of the sub-points of the problem of evil is the existence of it. There are few who would rationally even doubt that evil does in fact exist. Some have tried to argue that God created evil. But from a biblical perspective is that even possible?

What we need to recognize is that God created a world that was perfect. One where there are morally free creatures initially. However, after the famous Adam and Eve account, man is now in a state where man can only do wrong unless, God intervenes as He does today.

He may know what man is going to do, but he can’t make them act how they’re going to, otherwise they’re not really free. Man will freely act out their depraved natures but not as fully as they could.

Evil entered the world when people chose to withhold doing the right thing and instead do the wrong thing.

The magnitude of evil in the world is overwhelming. This is seen daily from news stories, to the fact that we have locks and securities in every part of our daily life.

Some argue that because God created humans with freewill God is ultimately responsible. The first thing I notice in this problem is they are treating evil as if it is a thing.

God however from a biblical perspective created a world that was only good.  Everything God created was only good. Human freedom however has ruined that goodness. Thus, evil is better seen as a lack of goodness. Evil is “goodness spoiled”. You can have good without evil. But you cannot have evil without goodness.  Evil was not a direct creation of God it was the result of humans exercising their freedom that diminished the created good.

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