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The Promise of Heaven is Through Faith Not Our Works

Paul, emphasizes the faith of Abraham by which the promise was appropriated, a feature which betokens the grace character of God’s promise covenant with the patriarch. “It is of faith that is may be according to grace”. Inheritance of the promise was not through the works principle of the law, for that is contrary to the promise-grace-faith-forgiveness principle. The promise of the kingdom was rather through the righteousness of faith. If justification and kingdom inheritance are by works, the glory foes to oneself as a matter of merit and due “but not to God” or , as otherwise understood, “yet not against God”. But in God’s covenant with Abraham justification was by faith’s “Amen” to God’s promises. It was by believing on him who justifies the ungodly. In this promise-faith situation, the glory goes to God, being a matter of sovereign grace.
M. Kline


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