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Star Wars and Creator/Creature Distinction Demonstrated

Star Wars has always been an all time favorite. One of the most popular scenes comes from Obiwon Kinobe teaching Luke Skywalker about the Force. Obiwon describes the Force as an energy field created by all living things: 

it surrounds us, penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together…it is all powerful [and] controls everything.

It becomes the objective of Luke Skywalker to become one with the Force and as a result in one scene he is able to pilot his star fighter through intense dog-fights in space and ending in his perfect delivery of bomb.

In Star Wars the dark side of the force is not evil, necessarily but it is just the other side. It is like the Yin and the Yang of Buddhism. And interestingly enough, George Lucas said he made Star Wars to introduce Buddhism to America.

When the Creator and the creature are not distinguished. Or when they are the same. It blends the two and in this extreme form you see what is more commonly referred to as Paganism. It almost sounds as if Paganism refers to some ancient cultic, tribal, barbaric religion. Even the mentioning of it gives many the idea that makes it irrelevant for us today. Is Paganism in society? If so what forms do we see it in? How is the Christian Faith much different from Paganism? 

One distinction is that if you were to look at Paganism you would find that it is like a “downward” spiral. In this vortex at the bottom is Satan and worship of evil. Contrasted to this is biblical theism which spirals upward bringing us into the light of God’s presence. 

Another way to describe this opposite view of Christian theism is monism. That is today’s paganism…monism.

Another popular flic was by Disney, Lion King. Elton John popularized the movie with his song “The Circle of Life”. Seems to fit the description. Because in this movie, everything is apart of a mass of energy. There is no Creator: the circle of life swallows everything including God.

When a worldview considers God and His creation as part of the same circle (monism),  this leads to a confusion not only about who God is but eventually it confuses the identity of human beings and their place in the world. 

Perhaps an illustration would help, theism draws two circles, a smaller circle representing everything except God. And the larger circle representing God. While this doesn’t perfectly illustrate theism because God is infinite. It focusses the idea on the distinction between creation and God. Obviously God is not his creation. Creation has a beginning. God does not.

The other reason it is important to understand the Creator-Creature distinction is because it is the starting point of the Gospel truth. The truth that God is the Creator. Being the Creator, there’s a covenant, a Law, and accountability. Being the Creator he has rights. As the Creator he is independent, creation is dependent. Christian theism posits the biblical God who is thee persons of the divine Trinity-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-is the one and only God. Everything that is not God is created. All that is created was created by God. 

In the Christian faith it must maintain a separateness between God and His creation. When there is a blur here, other aspects of theology begin to suffer. We will never become God and God will always remain the sovereign Lord. The Scripture discusses this Creator-creation distinction:

Psa. 50:21These things you have done, and I  have been silent;
you thought that I  was one like yourself.

Is. 55:8For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. 

In Christianity, it must be understood. Christians become united to God in a personal relationship through Jesus. This relationship is analogous to marriage. In marriage, neither persons abandons his or her identity in this union of deep love. There is still the distinction of persons however.

Contrasted with Monism, the Christian faith can explain identity and relationships. Because of the Creator-creature distinction in the Christian faith we understand why human beings are people and not rocks for example. The Christian faith can explain why there is song, or concepts like love, arts such as painting and writing poetry. 

When we blur this distinction, we will run into inconsistencies and our ideas become problematic further down the road. Human beings however, who are made in the image of God, carry a capacity that reflects his personal nature without “touching” or coming into contact with the Creator. We gain access to the Creator (God) through the only way He has revealed himself, in listening to God’s written word of revelation we access the “Way” he has given for us to become united to him in eternal love.
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