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Why God Isn’t Like a Unicorn

One of the arguments against Atheism is that it doesn’t give us anything, it only takes away and then thinks this is adequate. What atheist fail to understand is, when they simply walk into the discussion and claim “I don’t believe in God”, this isn’t exactly contributing. I think it’s because they also fail to see what is actually being spoken about. They fail to understand adequately the “object” of their objection. They fail to understand what/who is God.
This is demonstrated to us in their apathy and/or in their contrasting objections. For example, they may have an understandable reason for objecting to belief in God, but they stop there. It generally looks like they have been looking for a reason to walk away from God or their faith all along. They walk away still holding to objective morals but not really thinking about how or why those morals exists. They claim science but never pursue the evidence to it’s conclusions. Or they grasp to atheist philosophers but want to depart when those ideas become too “weird”. So they have taken God out but really, they don’t care what replaces Him. The answer becomes too hard, so they just stop caring. They become apathetic. Their motto is “I don’t know, and I don’t care”.
This other group of atheist have clever mottos such as “I don’t believe in God just like I don’t believe in unicorns.” At first it seems like this is a response that almost makes Christians pause. Why don’t I believe in unicorns? Or Leprechauns? Or fairies? The biggest problem here is the object being compared. If you say you don’t believe God exists because unicorns don’t exists, then you have failed to understand what is being discussed. Why? Because unicorns and any other made character are dependent. They are never creatures or beings that everything depends on. They can be here or not and their existence doesn’t matter. God on the other hand is the exact opposite. Not only does His existence begin to explain our existence, but His existence explains all existence. 
God is the only being whose reason for existence doesn’t lie outside of himself. He depends on nothing yet everything depends on Him. Not just the creation of the universe. But when we use abstract concepts (numbers) or transcendentals such as logic or morals. These are found in God, not simply things we make up. We have access to the mind of God because we’re made in His image. Therefore when God is removed, what fills the void created? This is sometimes referred to as a T.O.E. (theory of everything) generally it is used in physics, but the point is made here. God is not simply an idea, but He is what everything hinges on. To simply take Him out of the picture is not where it ends. As we study God we learn not only more of Him but more of everything else.
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