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Reading It How It’s Suppose to be Read


There are two ways to read the Bible. The one way to read the Bible is that it’s basically about you: what you have to do in order to be right with God, in which case you’ll never have a sure and certain hope, because you’ll always know you’re not quite living up. You’ll never be sure about that future. Or you can read it as all about Jesus. Every single thing is not about what you must do in order to make yourself right with God, but what he has done to make you absolutely right with God. And Jesus Christ is saying, “Unless you can read the Bible right, unless you can understand salvation by grace, you’ll never have a sure and certain hope. But once you understand it’s all about me, Jesus Christ, then you can know that you have peace. You can know that you have this future guaranteed, and you can face anything.”
Tim Keller

I’ve been fond of Keller for a couple of years now.  I came across this quote from him and I thought it was well stated.  One of the reasons some will struggle either in their reading of Scripture or their understanding of the faith is because they start with themselves.  A proper starting point is fundamental to being able to have an accurate grasp on the material and how to make it applicable.  

For the Christian who has had the privilege to share their faith with someone they can relate.  Perhaps the person asking the questions has their thoughts so tied up in knots it’s almost as if you don’t even know where to begin.  They have their history wrong, theology is all over the place and of course their understanding of the gospel is so off it would make Sabellius look like the Apostle Paul.  More than likely their starting point is wrong.  They are perceiving things about them when it’s about Him.  

Some take offense to this.  How could this be all about Him?  Perhaps they’re upset that it’s not all about them.

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