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Problem of a Global Flood – Where do all the animals today come from?

Global Flood of course has to mean that all animals have been wiped off the earth.  Sea animals for the most part would be eradicated as well, fresh water creatures, plants, cold weather animals, and even animals found only in isolated areas.  Thus we would have to say that from a global Flood account all the animals we see today, would have descended from the pairs of animals brought aboard Noah’s ark.  I want to point out in this blog that it is unlikely that God wiped out all of creation on the globe and secondly that all the animals we see today have arrived from the pairs of animals from Noah’s ark.

Size of the Ark
In the account itself we get a very good idea of the dimensions of the ark.  Additionally, if you’ve ever visited the young earth creationist websites (A.I.G. or I.R.C) you can see how they have attempted to reconstruct actual models of what the ark must have looked like.  I think this is fine and good but it ends up leading the observer to some obvious problems.  The first of which is space.

1.  If every animal we have today (including the ones that have gone extinct) came from the pairs on the ark that would put too many animals on the ark.  Even using generous measurements for the word “cubit”.
2.  Eight people could never had been able to care and tend for this many animals, even if they were hibernating (as is proposed).

Proposed Solution
The proponents of the Global Flood are aware of these problems.  And the way they have gotten around it (and I think this is a fair solution and not unreasonable) is they conclude:
Noah took only pairs of each family, order or genus rather than a pair of every species.

Working from this point we have now reduced millions (if not billions counting insects) of species to thousands.  But I say their solution has really introduced a new problem.  The problem that many young earth creationists (and myself) are adamantly against.  Evolution.  The young earthers proposing a global Flood have forced themselves into a corner having to resort to a theory of evolution more radical than that of the atheistic evolutionist.  While traditionally evolutionist would hold the process took hundreds of millions of years, the global Flood proponent has brought an enormous reduplication and speciation task to occur within thousands!!

Another way to say this is “If you hold to a global Flood, then you have to resort to evolution to bring about the diverse species we have today”

The global Flood proponents have a few thousand pairs of animals rapidly becoming millions by natural processes.  Morris, (a well known young earth, global Flood writer) has written in his book The Genesis Flood, that zebras, horses and many other horse like creatures arrived from a single pair of horse like creatures on the ark.  Answers in Genesis has proposed (in their magazine Ex Nihilo) that the entire cat family (tigers, lions, leopards, cheetahs, panthers, bobcats and even the ancestors of housecats) evolved from a single cat pair on Noah’s ark.

One Impossibility for Another
What has happened with the global Flood proponent is that they have tried to make one impossible event happen but now they brought into the picture another impossible event.  Most global Flood proponents put the Flood about 4000 years ago.  This being the case, animals advance as horses, zebras, and cats simply do not and cannot evolve at this rapid rate.  If these animals were evolving at this rate of change, biologist today would see this happening right now and the fact is we simply do not.

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