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Surfing in La Jolla with Gabe and Thomas

On Saturdays I go surfing with some buddies from my church . Friday I managed to talk my cousin Gabe into surfing with us (Thomas and I). He came out and it was great. Talking with Gabe on the way out to the beach it was good to have the chance to just dialog about what was going on in his life. He has just finished his second year at USD, studying engineering and physics. As we talked I simply posed to him one of the philosophical problems that perhaps he had never thought of. It is generally known as the uniformity of nature. We don’t think on it often but simply stated it says “Why does everything act the same?” It may seem like a silly question but a thoughtful person can’t simply take these things for granted. Actually it becomes quite problematic for the naturalist who refuses to allow for the existence of God. A short example electrons and protons. They all repel and this is general knowledge. But how do we account for the fact that they do? It becomes quite deep quite fast. It is the assumption the naturalists makes that becomes their downfall. Again this points to another basic reason why a Christian worldview makes more sense than those that aren’t.

Gabe did great surfing. He learned to get up on the board and took a good pounding on the head a couple of times. Thomas played in the white water as he is still getting used to his new board. He’ll get the hang of it soon enough. The water was good, the waves were big, and the company was the best.
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