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Hearing The Voice of God

I sometimes feel like I’m the one who ruins the party. I see sincere Christians who are motivated about something they are confident of or perhaps they just hope for. However, sometimes that motivation falls on an area that has no support. Well, it may have support in other forms but biblically speaking they are hard pressed to find it.

One of the most common ones is “Hearing God’s Voice”. I can recall being a new believer and wondering what Christians meant when they spoke of hearing the voice of God. I prayed and listened but I never heard anything. I would try as hard as I could and sometimes would feel the failure of my own spirituality as I listened to the tails of others. Others would speak of whole conversations with God. Or signs. Confirmations of the infamous “nudge”. While I was just there looking dopey in the bleachers (our church met in a gym). I’ll admit I felt that perhaps I just had to get to that spiritual level. Then I would be like Abraham or someone of the sort. Till then I had to work my way through.

As I grew and matured in my faith and in reading the Scripture and Christian Thinkers I began to notice something. When God spoke to people in the Bible, He spoke. I never saw nudges mentioned. Instead what I found was that Christians were becoming superstitious in their spiritual life. Perhaps without noticing it. I didn’t have to wonder why God didn’t speak to me. Or why I didn’t get nudges or signs. I didn’t have to learn to “hear the voice of God”. I needed to learn to study His Word.

It is these unfortunate superstitious ideas that make Christ look silly. These ideas of trying to figure out what God wants for us as if He were playing a game. Don’t mistake me as some have before. If God wants to do something He will. God can do anything He wants (within reason). The issue is what can we teach? We can only teach what the Bible says. And to give experiences of times where we think we “heard” the voice of God is not something we can teach. Why? Because we don’t have the authority to teach what we want. We only have the authority to teach what He’s given us.

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