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The Karate Kid

Watching movies through the xbox 360 seems to be a fun past time. Tonight we watched the greatest Martial Arts film since Enter the Dragon. The Karate Kid. I think my favorite line in the movie was when Miyagi asked Daniel “then why learn Karate.” Daniels’ response, “so i don’t have to fight.”

I think it’s been about 15 years since I last saw the flick. This time I found myself in a typical analytical mood appreciating what the late Pat Morita (Miyagi) was trying to instill into Daniel. The point of Martial Arts isn’t to be the next Jet Li. But that with the increased knowledge of what it takes to win a fight, the student would do everything possible to avoid it. Trust me I took karate in 5th grade. That’s why I run from fights. Because I’m so good at Karate from those 5th grade classes.

The love interest was looking like it worked till Ralph Macchio killed it with the grossest on screen kiss in the last 20 years. Who wants to see 2 high schoolers kiss? No thanks.

Of course the climax is the memorable Crane Kick for the final point of the tournament to win Daniel’s freedom from his oppressors. The wealthy, handsome, and tougher kids at school. The movie is one of my favorites only because it doesn’t glamorize martial arts into something crazy.

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