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Dad, Who Made God?

My son is almost known for his untimely questions. In the middle of me calling him out of the water at the beach he asks “What happened to the book you’re writing for me?” On this occasion however he impressed me with his thoughtfulness on a subject that I have always hoped he would embrace as his own. His knowledge and faith in God. One evening as we read the bible he asked “Dad, who made God?” In the middle of reading I stopped and looked at him as he lay in his bed and said “Son, now that’s a great question.” He gave me that look that he was happy that I was proud of his question. So what did I say?
Simply put. No one did. God was not made. He has always existed. He looked at me kinda quirky so I continued. Son, only things that have a beginning need a maker. Like the world and all the things we see here. God, however has no beginning so He needs no maker. He resisted and thus I moved to perhaps a more advanced illustration.
Some have asserted that the universe has always been. The universe is without being made. If this were true then to ask the question “who made the universe?” would be a meaningless question. Because, if it has not been made to ask who made it would not have the same meaning as “Who made that car?”.
Therefore the question remains that something must have always existed. The option is either the universe or God. But to say the universe has always existed runs into the problem of the infinite regression. Obviously, I didn’t bring this up to him. But for the skeptic the infinite existence is in matter and energy. This just blatantly strikes me as silly for if there was an infinite past of matter and energy the usable-energy would be used up by now. Therefore, perhaps the argument in the end is over the address. The infinite will be either natural or supernatural.


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