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Was I, Robot Supposed to Do That?

My bride and I borrowed a movie from a friend and finally had a chance to sit and watch it. The movie was “I, Robot”. I had heard some interesting things about it and figured I would give it a go. The movie falls into what is showing to be the standard Will Smith bang-em up, knock-em down action film with a little bit of his “hip-hop” street wise humor. He’s the street wise guy who follows his instinct and intuition and it somehow makes him different than the others who always seem to be one step behind.

Without going into a movie review of the film, I saw and found an incredibly powerful symbolic illustration in it. The movie is somewhat similar to the “Terminator” series. Both depict these robots or machines who are created to serve man. The machines for whatever reason go wrong and end up in rebellion, eventually trying to kill humans. Through each of the films the audience finds themselves rooting for the utter destruction of the robots. We see humans fighting against the degenerate works of creation and (for me anyways) thinking “they deserve to be destroyed” “they were created for a purpose and not only are they not doing that but they are trying to destroy humans” . The robots who are in rebellion to their creators from our perspective can easily be seen to be deserving the just sentence of destruction.

What’s the point? The point is this. Does man have a purpose? Is there a reason for his existence? And if there is are we doing it? The reason for man’s existence is pretty straightforward. Man has been made to glorify God. That’s it. That is our purpose. One confession actually states it as our purpose is to “Glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” Yet we are in abject rebellion to our Maker. We (like the robots and machines) have gone to a depraved nature that is at war with our Creator. As humans we hate God. We are deserving of the justice of eternal torment for our total rebellious state against a Holy God.

Here’s the difference. As we watch these movies, (at least I do) we think, “Crush them!” “Destroy those things!” “I’d burn them with napalm.” But God in his mercy does something radically different. In Romans, one of the deepest theological books in the bible, Paul writes:

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8 (NKJV)

Is this amazing or what? I was amazed again at my own sense of justice. I (like David when confronted) see the need of justice and call for it. But on my own life I plead mercy and God is faithful.

Does it get much better than this? To His rebellious creation he calls them to repentance and He will save them. From what you ask? Well, He saves them from Him.

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